shore noun

1 land along the edge of a sea/lake

ADJ. golden, sandy on the golden shores of beautiful Bali | rocky, wooded | barren, bleak, desert, deserted, exposed, lonely, wilder (figurative) a Belgian from the wilder shores of Flemish nationalism | lee, sheltered | distant, far, farther, opposite, other Meg was pointing towards the far shore. | north/northern, etc. The path ran along the southern shore of the lake. | lake

VERB + SHORE approach, reach | leave | follow, hug We sailed until midnight, hugging the shore. | be found on, be washed up on A dying dolphin was found washed up on the shore.

SHORE + NOUN bird | road | leave

PREP. along the ~ walking along the wooded shores of the lake | around the ~ of The route goes around the shore of Derwent Water. | by the ~ strolling by the shore | close to/near the ~ The sea appears calm near the shore. | from (a/the) ~ just a few miles from shore watching from the shore | on (a/the) ~ The others were now safely on shore. There are a lot of rocks on that shore. | on the ~s of The hotel is situated on the sheltered shores of the Moray Firth. | (down/back) to/towards the ~ The hotel's gardens stretch down to the lake shore.

2 (also shores) particular country

ADJ. American, British, etc. the ship in which Columbus first sailed to American shores | foreign, native | our, these

VERB + SHORE arrive on, come to, reach, return to He was glad to return to his native shores. | leave | defend We will fight to the death to defend our shores.

PREP. beyond/outside the ~ The decisions will be taken beyond these shores.