shop noun

ADJ. high-street | corner, local, village | busy | elegant, fine, exclusive, expensive, grand, high-class, posh, smart, stylish, sumptuous, upmarket | delightful, excellent, good, wonderful | well-stocked | trendy | old-fashioned, quaint, traditional | dingy, shabby | colourful | boarded up, disused, empty, vacant | butcher's, greengrocer's, etc. | gift, pet, shoe, etc. | electrical, photographic, etc. | specialist | duty-free She bought 400 cigarettes at the airport duty-free shop. | charity I gave all my old books to a charity shop. | junk | betting | mobile Mobile shops are invaluable to people in rural areas. | retail | one-stop This is your one-stop shop for all your holiday needs.

QUANT. parade, row The post office is at the end of the row of shops. | chain The brothers opened a chain of electrical shops in the eighties.

VERB + SHOP have, keep, own, run | open, set up She opened a flower shop in the High Street. (figurative) Some buskers had set up shop outside the station. | close, shut (up) At 5.30 she shuts up shop and goes home.

SHOP + VERB sell sth | offer sth The shop offers a large selection of leather goods at reasonable prices. | specialize in sth | advertise sth | display sth | open | close, shut

SHOP + NOUN assistant, manager, manageress, owner, staff, worker | counter, display, doorway, front, premises, shelves, sign, window | chain a famous shoe shop chain

PREP. around/round a/the ~ I went around all the shops but I couldn't find a present for him. | at a/the ~ There was was a break-in at that new shop last night. | in a/the ~ She works part-time in a shop.