shoe noun

ADJ. clumpy, heavy, stout, strong, sturdy | light | comfortable, sensible | fashion | built-up, court, flat, flat-heeled, high-heeled, low-heeled, platform | buckled, lace-up | ballet, dancing, gym, outdoor, running, sports, tennis, training, walking

QUANT. pair a sturdy pair of walking shoes

VERB + SHOE lace up, unlace | kick off, pull off | break in to break in a new pair of shoes | mend, reheel, repair, resole I've had my shoes resoled. | clean, polish, shine | scuff

SHOE + VERB fit (sb) | pinch sth The shoes, though elegant, pinched her feet terribly.

SHOE + NOUN polish | size | shop | repair | leather | company, factory, maker, manufacturer | box

PHRASES the heel/sole/toe of a shoe > Special page at CLOTHES