ship noun

ADJ. wooden | enemy | cargo, container, cruise, merchant, pirate, sailing, supply

QUANT. fleet

VERB + SHIP board, come/go aboard, come/go on board | sail | steer | moor The ship is now permanently moored on the Thames in London. | build, launch | load (sth onto), unload (sth from) The dockers were loading the cargo onto the ship. | christen, name | abandon The captain gave the order to abandon ship. | go down with The captain went down with his ship. | scuttle, sink, torpedo | jump Some of the crew jumped ship (= left it illegally) at Gibraltar and disappeared.

SHIP + VERB carry sb/sth a ship carrying more than a thousand people | arrive, dock | anchor, be/lie at anchor Their ship lay at anchor at the mouth of the harbour. | depart, go, leave, put to sea, sail, set sail | be wrecked, collide with sth, hit sth, run aground | capsize | go down, sink

PREP. aboard/on/on board a/the ~ They are now on a ship bound for New York. | by ~ There was no time to send the goods by ship. | ~ to/(bound) for

PHRASES the bow/stern of a ship, the captain/crew of a ship, the deck of a ship