shift verb

1 move

ADV. slightly Julie shifted her position slightly and smiled. | impatiently, restlessly, uncomfortably, uneasily She shifted uncomfortably in her chair. | away

PREP. from She shifted her gaze away from the group of tourists. | onto He shifted his weight onto his left foot. | to Her eyes shifted to his face.

PHRASES shift from foot to foot

2 change

ADV. dramatically, markedly The emphasis has shifted markedly in recent years. | slightly | effectively | simply We cannot simply shift the responsibility onto someone else. | gradually, slowly | rapidly | suddenly | constantly, continually constantly shifting alliances

VERB + SHIFT attempt to, try to trying to shift the blame onto the government | tend to | begin to

PREP. (away) from I felt the advantage had suddenly shifted away from us. | onto, to His sympathies rapidly shifted to the side of the workers. | towards These changes will shift the balance in higher education more towards science subjects.