sharp adj.

1 having a fine edge or point

VERBS be, feel, look, seem | stay | keep sth

ADV. extremely, really, very, wickedly a display of wickedly sharp teeth | pretty, quite, rather

PHRASES as sharp as a razor

2 very great or sudden


ADV. particularly, very | fairly, quite, rather a fairly sharp rise in the cost of living

3 able to think/act/understand/see/hear quickly

VERBS be, seem

ADV. extremely, razor, very a razor sharp mind | pretty, quite

4 angry/severe

VERBS be, sound Her voice sounded rather sharp.

ADV. very | a bit, quite, rather | suddenly ‘Stick to the facts, ’ said Romanov, his voice suddenly sharp.

PREP. with She was quite sharp with me when I talked during her lecture.

5 flavour


ADV. extremely, very Raw cranberries are extremely sharp and must always be cooked with a little sugar. | slightly This cheese has a slightly sharp flavour.