share noun

1 part of sth that has been divided

ADJ. bigger, large, the lion's, major, significant, substantial | full | modest a modest share of total exports | 5%, 10%, etc. The wife owns an 80% share of their second home. | equal | disproportionate The government devotes a disproportionate share of the budget to military expenditure. | proportionate | market The company's market share slipped to under 15% last month.

VERB + SHARE get, have, receive, take You should receive a large share of the profits. Hospitals take the lion's share of the NHS budget. | increase, reduce | claim Everyone seems to want to get into television to claim their share of fame and fortune. | do We must all do our share of the work.

PREP. ~ of a reduced share of the vote

PHRASES sb/sth has their/its (fair) share of sth The industry has had its fair share of problems.

2 in a company

ADJ. ordinary | preference

VERB + SHARE acquire, buy, get, invest in, purchase | have, hold (formal), own | sell | deal in, trade in a new firm dealing in US shares | float, issue The company has issued four classes of shares.

SHARE + NOUN price, value Hong Kong share prices plunged. | valuation | certificate | portfolio | capital | option, scheme The Chief Executive's share option has earned him over £2 million. | ownership | transaction, transfer | purchase | issue, offer, sale A share issue has been launched to finance the restoration of the building. | dealing allegations of illegal share dealings

PREP. ~ in I've got a few shares in British Aerospace.

PHRASES a class of shares, the value of your shares Will this affect the value of my shares? > Note at PERCENT (for more verbs) > Special page at BUSINESS