shame noun

1 feeling that you have lost the respect of others

ADJ. deep

VERB + SHAME be filled with, feel | bring, cause His arrest for stealing brought shame on his family. | die of (figurative) I nearly died of shame!

PREP. from ~ She wept from the shame of having let everyone down. | in ~ She shut her eyes in shame. | to your ~ To my shame, I didn't tell Robert about the party. | without ~ He had cried noisily and without shame at the news of Esther's death. | with ~ She blushed with shame. | ~ about/over You feel absolutely no shame over what you did, do you? | ~ at She felt a flush of shame at what she'd done.

PHRASES a cause for shame Her pregnancy was no cause for shame. | a feeling/sense of shame, bow/hang your head in shame He was being held by two security guards, his head bowed in shame.

2 a shame: sth that makes you feel disappointed

ADJ. crying, great, real, terrible, wicked

PREP. ~ about It's a terrible shame about Stuart losing his job, isn't it?

PHRASES a bit of a shame, rather a shame, such a shame, what a shame What a shame you can't come!