shake verb

1 of a person/building

ADV. badly, uncontrollably, violently Her hands were shaking so badly that she couldn't hold her glass. | almost He was almost shaking with the intensity of what he was saying. | fairly (informal) Natalie fairly shook with laughter. | literally, physically I was numb with dread. I was literally shaking.

PREP. with She was shaking with rage.

PHRASES be shaking all over He was crying and shaking all over. | be shaking like a leaf, find yourself/start shaking I found myself shaking uncontrollably with cold. | stop shaking I just couldn't stop shaking.

2 object/person

ADV. roughly, vigorously, violently He shook the blankets vigorously to get rid of the dust. She must have shaken the baby quite violently to inflict such severe injuries. | gently, slightly | well Shake well before use. (instructions on a bottle of medicine, etc.) | suddenly | physically

PREP. by He shook her gently by the shoulders.

3 your head

ADV. decisively, emphatically, firmly | fiercely, vehemently, vigorously, violently, wildly | a little, gently, slightly | quickly | slowly | dismissively, impatiently | despairingly, desperately, dismally, gloomily, helplessly, miserably, mournfully, regretfully, ruefully, sadly, sorrowfully | wearily | disbelievingly, doubtfully, wonderingly | just, merely, only, simply He merely shook his head. | from side to side

PREP. at He shook his head at her disbelievingly. | in She shook her head in disbelief.

4 sb's hand

ADV. firmly, vigorously | warmly

PHRASES shake sb by the hand Our host shook each of us warmly by the hand. PHRASAL VERBS shake sb/sth off

ADV. completely, fully | quickly | easily He had not easily shaken Claudine off. | off

VERB + SHAKE can't/couldn't (seem to) I can't seem to shake off this cold. | seem to | try to