setting noun

1 place where sth happens

ADJ. unlikely The hospital is an unlikely setting for an art auction. | unfamiliar | natural wild animals in their natural setting | attractive, beautiful, charming, delightful, idyllic, lovely, magnificent, perfect, picturesque | dramatic | peaceful, secluded, tranquil | intimate | formal, informal | rural | contemporary biblical stories in a contemporary setting | social The French Club offers the chance to practise your language skills in a social setting. | work In a work setting, more formal language would be used. | hospital, laboratory, etc. | cultural, educational, historical | domestic, family elderly people living in a domestic setting

VERB + SETTING create, provide The park provides the perfect setting for the play.

PREP. in a/the … ~ a hotel in a beautiful setting of landscaped gardens | ~ for a lovely setting for a picnic | ~ in a dramatic setting in Cornwall | ~ of the rural setting of Petrarch's sonnets

2 of controls

ADJ. high, low, moderate | default, standard

VERB + SETTING adjust, change | increase, reduce

PREP. at a/the ~ The oven should be at a high setting.