set noun

1 group of similar things

ADJ. complete, full, whole | common These two species share a common set of characteristics. | closed, open A grammatical choice is drawn from a closed set of options. | complex | data, instruction a computer's instruction set | chess, dinner, printing, tea, train

VERB + SET break up She had a complete set of these dining-room chairs but it was broken up after she died. | complete, make up She won a silver medal in the long jump to complete her set (= of all three types of medal).

SET + VERB comprise sth, consist of sth

PREP. in a/the ~ There are ten pictures in the set. | ~ of a set of accounts/books/clothes/keys/valves a set of beliefs/circumstances/factors/guidelines

PHRASES one/part of a set The plate is part of a set.

2 scenery for play or film

ADJ. film, stage, studio

VERB + SET design | build | dismantle, take down

PREP. off ~ Off set, the two actors became close friends. | on (the) ~ All the cast are on the set throughout.

3 in tennis

VERB + SET play | win | lose

PHRASES in straight sets Rusedski won in straight sets (= his opponent won none).