session noun

1 meeting of a court, parliament, etc.

ADJ. stormy a stormy session of the European Parliament | inaugural, opening | closing, final, last | current | joint | open, public | closed, private | annual, regular, weekly, etc. | extraordinary | emergency | full, plenary a full session of the peace talks a plenary session of the committee | follow-up A follow-up session was held a month after the initial meeting. | congressional, parliamentary

VERB + SESSION hold | attend | boycott | address The president addressed a closed session of Congress.

SESSION + VERB convene, take place | begin, open | close, end | adopt sth, approve sth The session adopted a resolution on disarmament. | agree sth | call for sth

PREP. in a/the ~ in the opening session | in ~ The court is now in session.

2 time spent doing an activity

ADJ. lengthy, long | short | bargaining, counselling, negotiating, question and answer | briefing, coaching, practice, training | photo, photographic | jam, jazz, recording | workout, yoga | drinking The man fell in the canal after a heavy drinking session.

VERB + SESSION have, offer (sb), provide (sb with), run The college runs training sessions every afternoon. | attend

SESSION + VERB take place

SESSION + NOUN guitarist, musician, singer, etc.

PREP. ~ on a session on remedial reading