sensitive adj.

1 able to understand other people's feelings

VERBS be | become | make sb Her experiences had made her sensitive to other people's troubles.

ADV. deeply, extremely, highly, unusually, very a highly sensitive, caring man | increasingly | quite

PREP. to Horses are very sensitive to their riders' moods.

2 easily upset/annoyed

VERBS be, seem | become | remain

ADV. acutely, deeply, extremely, morbidly, painfully, particularly, terribly, very | a bit, pretty, rather

PREP. about Teenagers are often very sensitive about their appearance. | to He was acutely sensitive to criticism.

3 needing to be dealt with carefully

VERBS be | become | remain

ADV. extremely, highly, particularly, very this highly sensitive issue | fairly, rather, somewhat a somewhat sensitive question | commercially, environmentally, politically, socially commercially sensitive information

4 reacting quickly/more than usual to sth

VERBS be | become

ADV. extremely, highly, morbidly, painfully, particularly, unusually, very | quite

PREP. to Her eyes are very sensitive to light.

5 able to measure very small changes

VERBS be The bat's hearing is remarkably sensitive.

ADV. acutely, especially, exquisitely, extremely, highly, keenly, remarkably, very The equipment is highly sensitive. | fairly, quite | enough, sufficiently The probe is sensitive enough to detect the presence of a single microbe.

PREP. to sensitive to the slightest movement