sensation noun

1 physical feeling

ADJ. delicious, exquisite, pleasant, pleasurable, wonderful | unpleasant | curious, odd, strange | burning, choking, prickling, tingling | bodily, physical

VERB + SENSATION experience, feel, have He felt a tingling sensation down his side. | produce | enjoy Most people enjoy the sensation of eating.

PREP. ~ of the sensation of sand between your toes

2 ability to feel

ADJ. pure He gave way to pure sensation.

VERB + SENSATION have She had no sensation in her hands. | lose

SENSATION + VERB come back

3 feeling/impression

ADJ. curious, eerie, odd, strange

VERB + SENSATION have I had the eerie sensation that I was not alone.

PREP. ~ of the sensation of being watched

4 great excitement/surprise/interest

ADJ. great | overnight

VERB + SENSATION cause, create The film caused a sensation among film critics.