selection noun

1 process of choosing/being chosen

ADJ. careful | random | initial | final | jury, team | natural, sexual Natural selection is a key element of Darwin's theory of evolution.

VERB + SELECTION make She took a long time to make her selection. | win She hopes to win selection for the Olympic 800 metres team.

SELECTION + NOUN criteria, policy | procedure, process | board, committee, panel

PREP. ~ as his selection as candidate for the Green Party | ~ for

2 number of people/things that have been chosen

ADJ. varied, wide | random We interviewed a random selection of teenagers. | representative | judicious, well-chosen | final The final selection of winners will be announced at the end of the event.

PREP. ~ from, ~ of a selection of hits from well-known musicals

3 collection of goods in a shop, etc. that are for sale

ADJ. comprehensive, extensive, huge, large, vast, wide | limited, small | excellent, fine, good, great, interesting, superb

VERB + SELECTION offer The shop offers a wide selection of wines. | choose from

PREP. ~ of