seed noun

1 from which a plant grows

ADJ. grass, poppy, etc. | bird

QUANT. packet

VERB + SEED plant, sow | produce, set This tree produces very hard seeds. The plant will set seed in June. | grow/raise sth from She grew all the broccoli plants from seed. | spread Most seeds are spread by the wind. | go/run to Allow some of the plants to run to seed, and save the seed for next year.

SEED + VERB germinate, grow, sprout

SEED + NOUN head, pod | packet, tray | bank, catalogue, merchant | cake | corn, potato

PHRASES a variety of seeds The catalogue has hundreds of different varieties of seeds.

2 player in a sports competition

ADJ. first, second, etc. | number one, number two, etc. | top Venus Williams was the top seed at Wimbledon this year.