section noun

ADJ. large, long Large sections of the forest have been destroyed by acid rain. a long section of roadway | short, small | main | personnel, political (in a company, an organization, etc.) He works in the embassy's political section. | business, finance, travel, etc. (of a newspaper) | biology, history, reference, etc. (in a library) | brass, percussion, rhythm, string, wind, woodwind (in an orchestra) | cello, horn, etc. (in an orchestra)

VERB + SECTION divide sth into The book is divided into chapters, sections and sub-sections.

SECTION + NOUN manager (in a company, an organization, etc.)

PREP. in a/the ~ You'll find the book in the music section. | in ~s The table comes in sections. | under ~ (relating to a section of a law, etc.) The case was the first prosecution under Section 3A of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

PHRASES a section of society an area populated largely by the poorer sections of society