secretary noun

1 person who works in an office

ADJ. executive, legal | press, publicity | personal, private | social | school > Note at JOB

2 official of a club/government department, etc.

ADJ. chief, first the First Secretary of the Communist Party | deputy, under | assistant | acting | permanent | honorary | former, then the then Secretary of State for Energy, Cecil Parkinson | executive, general | branch, district, group, national, regional | club, company | cabinet, shadow (= a senior British politician of the opposition party) | parliamentary, state | Agriculture, Defence, Economic, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Financial, Foreign, Health, Home, Trade and Industry, Transport, Treasury, etc.

VERB + SECRETARY act as | resign as | elect, elect sb (as) | replace (sb as)

SECRETARY + NOUN General UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan

PREP. ~ for the Secretary for National Defence | ~ to secretary to the jockey club

PHRASES the post of secretary, Secretary of State the United States Secretary of State