secret noun

1 sth that must not be known by others

ADJ. big, great | little | closely guarded, well-kept a charming museum that is one of the city's best-kept secrets (= that not many people know about) | hidden, inner, innermost, intimate That evening she had revealed many of her innermost secrets. | open Their affair is an open secret. | dark, guilty, shameful, terrible | commercial, family, military, official, state, trade

VERB + SECRET have | guard, keep Can you keep a secret? | betray, divulge, let sb in on/into, reveal, tell sb She let us into her secret?she'd got engaged. | find out, uncover

SECRET + VERB be/get out How did the secret get out?

PREP. in ~ The film stars were married in secret to avoid publicity. | ~ about There was some secret about the source of his wealth. | ~ from I have no secrets from you.

PHRASES make no secret of the fact that … , make a secret of sth He refuses to make any secret of his political allegiances.

2 only/best way of doing/achieving sth

VERB + SECRET reveal, tell sb

PREP. ~ behind She revealed the secret behind her extraordinary success. | ~ of the secrets of staying healthy

PHRASES the secret of (sb's) success