second noun

1 very short moment of time

ADJ. brief, fleeting, split I only saw the man for a split second as he ran past. | single | heart-stopping For a heart-stopping second he thought he had lost his keys.

VERB + SECOND take This will only take a second. | have Do you have a second, Miss White? | wait Wait a second?this letter's been sent to me by mistake.

SECOND + VERB pass, tick by The seconds ticked by.


PREP. for a ~ For a second I thought you were my mother. | in a ~ I'll be with you in a second. | in/within ~s Within seconds he had disappeared from view.

PHRASES a fraction of a second If he'd reacted a fraction of a second later, he would surely have died. | a matter of seconds The end of the match is only a matter of seconds away. > Note at MEASURE

2 person/thing that comes next after the first

ADJ. close, good | bad, distant, poor | equal, joint | creditable, worthy The young German runner finished a creditable second.

VERB + SECOND come, finish

PREP. ~ to Sunny Boy came a close second to the winner.

3 university degree

ADJ. lower, upper | good

VERB + SECOND be awarded, gain, get, obtain

PREP. ~ in He got a good second in history.