sea noun

1 large area of salt water

ADJ. calm, smooth a calm sea after the storm | choppy, rough The sea was too rough for sailing in small boats. | deep | shallow | blue, grey | cold | warm | inland | open The fishing boats headed for the open sea.

VERB + SEA cross We crossed the Mediterranean Sea on a cruise ship. | go to (= become a sailor) | put (out) to The ship put to sea (= left port) in deteriorating weather conditions. | be lost at They were lost at sea when their ship sank en route for Madeira. | stare out to She stood on the cliff, staring out to sea.

SEA + VERB rise In recent years the sea has risen by a couple of inches. | recede, retreat The sea has retreated a little since the river was diverted.

SEA + NOUN water | bottom, floor | breeze | creature | port (also seaport), voyage | cliff, front, view

PREP. at ~ We spent three weeks at sea. | across the ~ We sailed across the Black Sea in a yacht. | by (the) ~ We sent our furniture by sea. They live by the sea. | down to the ~ We'll go down to the sea for a swim before dinner. | in/into the ~ I love swimming in the sea! | on the ~ three ships sailing on the sea | out to ~ She fell overboard and was swept out to sea.

PHRASES the bottom/edge/middle/surface of the sea, the boom/booming/murmur/roar/sound of the sea

2 (also the seas) movement of the waves of the sea

ADJ. choppy, dangerous, heavy, mountainous, raging, rough, stormy A week of heavy seas has created problems for fishermen.

VERB + SEA roam, sail He has sailed the seven seas.

PHRASES on the high seas, the seven seas

3 large amount of sth

ADJ. vast

PREP. ~ of She scanned the vast sea of faces below her.