screen noun

1 on a TV, computer, etc.

ADJ. big (often figurative), giant, huge, large big screen entertainment (= at the cinema) | small (often figurative) She appears regularly on the small screen (= on television). | blank I sat gazing at the blank screen, trying to think of something to write. | computer, television/TV, video

VERB + SCREEN appear on | fill The star's lovely face filled the screen. | gaze at, look at, stare at, watch

SCREEN + VERB flicker The screen flickered, and then everything went dark.

PREP. off ~ They play deadly rivals in the show but they are good friends off screen. | on (the) ~ She is remembered mainly for her performances on screen. Information can be viewed on screen or printed out. The image came up on the screen for a few seconds.

PHRASES stage and screen stars of stage and screen

2 partition

ADJ. folding The room was divided by a folding screen.

VERB + SCREEN put up

PREP. behind a/the ~ His desk was discreetly placed behind a screen. | ~ between There is a screen between the two beds.