school noun

ADJ. elementary, high, middle, nursery, prep/preparatory, primary, secondary | comprehensive, grammar, secondary modern | direct-grant, grant-maintained, state | independent, private, public (In Britain ‘public schools’ are private.) | special She attends a special school for children with learning difficulties. | boys', co-educational, girls', mixed, mixed-sex, single-sex | boarding, residential | day | Sunday | summer | local, rural, village | art, business, dance, drama, film, language, medical, riding, secretarial, training, etc.

VERB + SCHOOL attend, go to | start | finish, leave | skip, (play) truant from | be/stay off, keep sb off His mum kept him off school for two weeks when he was ill.

SCHOOL + NOUN curriculum | student | teacher (also schoolteacher) She's a middle-school teacher. | leaver | building, hall, library | term, year | holidays | bus | meals | rules | uniform | assembly | age She's got four children of school age.

PREP. after ~ We're going to play football after school. | at (a/the) ~ She didn't do very well at school. Their son's at the school near the station. | in (a/the)~ Are the children still in school? the cleverest child in the school