scheme noun

ADJ. major | ambitious, grand, grandiose | imaginative, ingenious, innovative | crazy, hare-brained, ill-conceived | successful | voluntary | pilot The project is based on a successful pilot scheme in Glasgow. | incentive, insurance, pension, recycling, share, training, etc.

VERB + SCHEME have He has an ingenious scheme to attract funding. | come up with, design, devise, draw up, dream up, plan, prepare, propose, think up She's come up with a hare-brained scheme for getting her novel published. | approve | announce, establish, initiate, introduce, launch, organize, set up, start The government set up a scheme of limited public health assistance in 1992. | adopt, carry out, operate, run | back a government-backed scheme | be in, join, participate in, take part in | use | leave I opted to leave the company pension scheme. | abolish, wind up

SCHEME + VERB offer sth, provide sth | allow sth, enable sth The scheme allows customers to trade in their own computer against the cost of a new one. | aim to, be aimed at sth, be designed for/to, involve sth a scheme involving local libraries | apply to sth, cover sth The scheme applies to families with three or more children. | go ahead, proceed The scheme has been given approval to go ahead. | succeed, work | collapse, fail

PREP. in a/the ~ Schools in the scheme will receive an annual grant. | under a/the ~ Under the scheme, land would be sold to building companies. | ~ for Is this another one of your crazy schemes for making money? a training scheme for unemployed teenagers | ~ whereby a scheme whereby the elderly will be provided with help in the home