scent noun

1 pleasant smell

ADJ. heady, heavy, pungent, rich, sharp, strong the heavy scent of Indian cooking | delicate, faint | sweet | beautiful, lovely | fresh the fresh scent of flowers | warm | musky | exotic

VERB + SCENT have This flower has no scent. | be filled with The air was filled with the scent of lilac. | give off, release The flowers give off a heady scent at night. | smell

SCENT + VERB come, drift From the vine outside came the scent of honey. | fill sth The scent of pine filled the room. | linger The scent of incense lingered in the air.

2 smell that an animal/a person leaves behind

ADJ. body, human, masculine, personal, sexual

VERB + SCENT be on, have The dog was on the scent of a rabbit. The hounds have the scent. | leave The cat had left its scent on the sofa. | catch, pick up One of the hounds had picked up the scent of a fox. | lose | follow

SCENT + NOUN gland | trail

3 liquid with a sweet smell that you put on your body

ADJ. expensive | cheap

QUANT. bottle

VERB + SCENT use, wear | dab on, put on, spray on She dabbed some scent on her wrists. | smell | reek of, smell of She reeked of cheap scent.

SCENT + NOUN bottle