scenery noun

1 features of the countryside

ADJ. beautiful, breathtaking, delightful, dramatic, fantastic, glorious, impressive, magnificent, spectacular, stunning, superb, wonderful | changing, ever-changing, varied | surrounding The village is charming and the surrounding scenery superb. | passing | coastal, mountain, mountainous

VERB + SCENERY admire, enjoy, look at, take in An observation deck lets you take in the passing scenery.


PREP. amid/amidst/in (the) ~ The hotel lies amidst spectacular mountain scenery. | through (the) ~ The train passes through some magnificent scenery.

PHRASES the beauty of the scenery, a change of scenery For a complete change of scenery, take a ferry out to one of the nearby islands. | a variety of scenery The river passes through a rich variety of scenery.

2 in a theatre

VERB + SCENERY set up | change

PREP. ~ for That table is part of the scenery for Act 2.