saving noun

1 amount not used or wasted

ADJ. big, considerable, great, major, significant, substantial | estimated, expected, possible, potential The potential savings are enormous. | overall, total | actual, net | cost, financial | energy, fuel the advantages of energy saving

VERB + SAVING add up to, give (sb), mean, represent, result in For a family of four this can mean a saving of around £500. | offer (sb) This design offers considerable savings in fuel efficiency. | achieve, make We need to see where financial savings can be made. | pass on We will pass on this saving to our customers.

SAVING + VERB come from sth, result from sth The major savings come from reduced labour costs.

PREP. with a ~ This was done, with a saving of 40% in staff costs. | ~ for a saving for club members | ~ from savings from the use of the new technology | ~ in a significant saving in energy costs | ~ on You can have all the benefits of membership while making a big saving on price. | ~ to This represents a saving to British business of about £175 million a year.

2 savings: money saved in a bank, etc.

ADJ. small | long-term | life | personal, private

VERB + SAVING have I haven't got any savings. | invest | deposit, put My grandfather refused to put his savings in the bank. | take out, withdraw | break into, dip into | tie up You get higher interest if you agree to tie up your savings for a long period. | build up I was determined to build up some savings. | spend, use (up) | live on She lost her job and had to live on her savings. | lose The couple lost their entire life savings on the venture.


SAVING + NOUN account, bank | certificate | plan, scheme

PHRASES access to your savings The card gives you instant access to your savings.