save verb

1 keep sb/sth safe

VERB + SAVE be able/unable to, can/could, may, might (just) It's a trick that might just save us from total disaster. | help (to) She helped save my career. | battle to, try to Doctors battled to save the little boy's life. | manage to We managed to save the animals from being put down.

PREP. from They saved the paintings from destruction.

PHRASES an attempt/effort to save sth a last, desperate attempt to save his marriage | a battle/bid/campaign to save sth

2 not spend money

ADV. up

VERB + SAVE try to | manage to

PREP. for I'm trying to save up for my holiday.

3 in football/hockey

ADV. brilliantly

PREP. from The goalie saved brilliantly from Johnson's long-range shot.