salary noun

ADJ. competitive, generous, good, handsome, high, large, top Top salaries are liable for a higher rate of tax. | low, small | reasonable | average | basic | pensionable | gross | net | starting | current | final Your pension will be based on a proportion of your final salary. | annual, monthly | tax-free

VERB + SALARY pay (sb) | earn, receive | increase | cut, decrease, reduce

SALARY + NOUN package The position is rewarded with a generous salary package. | award, increase, rise The top salary awards are completely out of line with inflation. | cut | level | review | band, grade, range What salary band will I be on after two years in the company? | scale, structure | bill, costs

PREP. on a ~ It's impossible to bring up a family on such a low salary.

PHRASES an increase/a rise in salary, a cut/drop in salary Workers are being asked to take a cut in salary.