safe adj.

VERBS be, feel, seem | become | remain, stay | play (it) Does good marketing mean playing safe (= avoiding risks) and staying traditional? | make sth, render sth The army experts made the bomb safe. | keep sth Keep your money safe by carrying it in an inside pocket. | consider sth, declare sth, deem sth The water was not considered safe to drink.

ADV. all, extremely, really, very Don't worry?he'll be all safe and snug in the barn. | absolutely, completely, perfectly, quite, totally a completely safe and secure environment for young children | not entirely The wood is never entirely safe for women on their own. | comparatively, fairly, pretty, reasonably, relatively | enough You should be safe enough, but don't go too far. | environmentally She claimed that nuclear power was the most environmentally safe form of energy.

PREP. from They were safe from attack. | with Your money will be safe with me.

PHRASES better safe than sorry, safe and sound They returned from their adventure safe and sound.