run verb

1 move quickly on foot

ADV. fast, quickly John can run very fast. She ran quickly downstairs. | blindly | headlong | away, downstairs, home, off, out, upstairs

VERB + RUN begin to, turn and/to | want to He just wanted to run away and hide.

PREP. down She turned and ran blindly down the street. | into He ran headlong into an enemy patrol. | out of He ran out of the house. | to, towards, up, etc.

2 manage sth

ADV. efficiently, properly, well | badly a badly-run company | professionally | jointly The programme will be jointly run with NASA in the US. | personally | privately | independently The student union is run independently of college authorities. | in parallel, in tandem The two experiments are run in parallel.

VERB + RUN try to Stop trying to run my life for me. | manage to | help (to), help sb (to)

3 work

ADV. efficiently, smoothly The engine was running very smoothly.

PREP. on Our car only runs on unleaded petrol.

4 happen

ADV. smoothly Things ran very smoothly for a while. | concurrently, consecutively He was given two twelve-month sentences to run concurrently.

5 buses/trains

ADV. regularly Local buses run regularly to and from the town. | late The train was running late, as usual.

PREP. between, from, to