rubbish noun

1 waste material

ADJ. domestic, household | garden

QUANT. bag, pile | tons

VERB + RUBBISH put out I forgot to put the rubbish out last night. | collect, remove, take away The rubbish is collected on Tuesdays. | clear (out), dispose of, dump, throw (away/out) He's clearing rubbish out of the attic. Someone had dumped their rubbish by the road. Throw the rubbish in the bin. | leave, strew (around) There was rubbish strewn around everywhere. | pick up

RUBBISH + VERB decay, rot

RUBBISH + NOUN bag, bin, skip | dump, heap, tip | collection, disposal | chute

2 sth that you think is bad/silly/wrong

ADJ. absolute, complete, total, utter The film was absolute rubbish. | worthless Many critics see the paintings as worthless rubbish. | old The antique shop was just full of old rubbish.

VERB + RUBBISH talk Don't talk such rubbish!

PREP. ~ about the usual rubbish about his undiscovered talents

PHRASES a load of (old) rubbish, What rubbish!