row2 /raq/ noun

1 argument

ADJ. almighty, awful, big, bitter, blazing, fearful, ferocious, fierce, flaming, furious, great, huge, major, serious, terrible, tremendous, unholy, violent We had a blazing row over who should do the cooking. | domestic, family | stand-up A couple was having a stand-up row in the street. | public | drunken | long-running | diplomatic, political

VERB + ROW have | kick up I'm going to kick up a row if I don't get my money back. | cause

ROW + VERB blow up, break out, develop, erupt A row blew up over pay rises for ministers. | go on, rage (on)

PREP. in a/the ~ He came to prominence in the row over defence policy. | ~ about/over Carol and I had a terrible row about how much money she spends. | ~ between a row between the left and right wings of the party | ~ with a row with my mother

2 loud noise

ADJ. unholy

VERB + ROW make Someone's making an unholy row outside.

ROW + VERB go on, rage (on) The row went on and on.