round noun

1 series of events

ADJ. ceaseless, endless, long Life to him was one long round of parties. | fresh, further, new

PREP. ~ of a fresh round of peace talks

2 regular series of visits, etc.

ADJ. daily, weekly | milk, paper

VERB + ROUND do, make The milkman does his round very early.

PREP. on sb's ~ a doctor on his round

3 number of drinks

VERB + ROUND buy, order I bought the last round.

PHRASES It's my round. (= It's my turn to buy the drinks.), a round of drinks We just had time for one more round of drinks.

4 part of a competition

ADJ. first, second, etc. Italy qualified for the second round of the tournament by beating Germany. | opening, preliminary | final | qualifying

PREP. in a/the ~ Australia were knocked out in the second round.

5 (in golf) one game

VERB + ROUND have, play, shoot

PHRASES a round of golf We had a good round of golf today.

6 bullet/bullets

ADJ. live | blank

VERB + ROUND fire The soldiers fired several blank rounds into the crowd.