roof noun

ADJ. conical, flat, gabled, mansard, pitched, pointed, sloping, steep | corrugated iron, glass, slate, thatched, tiled, tin | car, church, etc.

VERB + ROOF support The roof is supported by stone columns.

ROOF + VERB slope The roof slopes down to the top of the windows. | cave in, fall in, collapse Five people were killed when the roof fell in. | leak

ROOF + NOUN space The burglars removed tiles to climb into the roof space. | covering, slate, tile | beams, rafters, structure, timbers | insulation | garden, terrace The hotel has a charming roof garden.

PREP. in a/the ~ There are small windows in the roof. | on a/the ~ There's a cat on the roof. | under your ~ (= in your house) I won't have that man under my roof again!

PHRASES under one/the same roof (= in the same building) We're good friends but we could never live under the same roof.