rock noun

1 hard, stony part of the earth

ADJ. hard, solid Solid rock is broken down by weathering. | soft | jagged, rough | smooth | weathered | bare Ahead the vegetation broke into bare rock. | sheer, steep The river runs between walls of sheer rock. | overhanging | liquid, molten | igneous, sedimentary, volcanic | permeable, porous | impermeable

QUANT. chunk, lump, piece, slab

VERB + ROCK form

ROCK + VERB form rocks that formed beneath the sea | jut out A great rock jutted out into the sea.

ROCK + NOUN type | formation, structure | strata | ledge, outcrop | face, surface, wall | crevice | debris, fragment, sample | fall The path had been blocked by a rock fall. | crystal, salt | climber, climbing | pool Children were looking for crabs in the rock pools. | art, carvings | garden

PHRASES a layer of rock, an outcrop of rock The castle is perched on a massive outcrop of rock.

2 music

ADJ. live | country, glam, hard, heavy, indie, progressive, punk

ROCK + NOUN album, anthem, CD, music, number, record, song, video | band, group | concert, festival, gig | venue | circuit, scene one of the biggest bands on the rock circuit | drummer, guitarist, musician, singer, vocalist | guitar | hero, legend, star | culture, history

PHRASES rock and roll the king of rock and roll