risk noun

ADJ. big, considerable, grave, great, high, major, serious, significant, substantial, terrible high-risk patients a major risk to livestock | good | bad, poor | low, slight, small | additional, extra, increased | reduced | genuine, real | attendant, inherent, possible, potential Standards of hygiene have fallen with all the attendant risks of disease. There are considerable risks inherent in the policy. | long-term | relative | foolish, unacceptable, unnecessary | calculated I take calculated risks but never gamble. | commercial, credit, environmental, financial, fire, health, insurance, safety, security Those old boxes in the corridor are a fire risk. He's a good insurance risk.

QUANT. degree, level | element The operation carries an element of risk.

VERB + RISK face, run, take If you don't revise, you run the risk of failing. I'm not prepared to take risks?I want the equipment thoroughly checked. | entail, incur, involve, pose Pollutants in the river pose a real risk to the fish. | increase | minimize, reduce | avoid | assess, measure The directors will have to assess our credit risk. | outweigh The benefits outweigh the risks.

RISK + VERB outweigh sth

RISK + NOUN group Miners are a high risk group for certain types of gastric cancer. | factor Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for this disease. | assessment | reduction | management

PREP. at ~ to put someone's life at risk | at ~ from/of Journalists in the zone are at serious risk of being kidnapped. | at the ~ of At the risk of sounding rude, don't you think you'd better change for the party? | at ~ to He saved the child at considerable risk to himself. | ~ by He knew he was taking a big risk by going skiing. | ~ from a risk from contaminated water | ~ in I was taking a big risk in lending her the money. | ~ to a risk to health

PHRASES at your own risk The building is unsafe?enter at your own risk. | an increase/a reduction in risk, risks and benefits/rewards the risks and benefits of a drug