rise noun

1 increase

ADJ. big, dramatic, huge, large, massive, sharp, strong, substantial | modest, slight, small | threefold, 80 per cent, etc. | appreciable, significant | abrupt, rapid, steep, sudden | slow | steady | inexorable, remorseless Unemployment continued its remorseless rise. | general, overall | annual, monthly | interest rate, pay, price, sea-level, tax, temperature, wage, etc. The union is demanding an across-the-board pay rise of 5%.

PREP. on the ~ (= rising) Crime is on the rise. | ~ in a twofold rise in prices | ~ on a rise on last year's levels

2 becoming more powerful/important

ADJ. meteoric, spectacular, swift

PREP. ~ of the rise of capitalism | ~ to His swift rise to the national team surprised everyone.

PHRASES the rise and fall of sth the rise and fall of the Roman Empire | rise to fame/power/prominence a meteoric rise to fame