ring noun

1 piece of jewellery

ADJ. engagement, eternity, signet, wedding | diamond, gold, etc. She wore a diamond engagement ring.

VERB + RING have on, wear He had a signet ring on his little finger. | put on | take off

RING + NOUN finger (= the finger next to the little finger, especially on the left hand)

2 circle

ADJ. inner | outer | concentric The street plan of the city has evolved as a series of concentric rings. | black, dark He had dark rings around his eyes. | smoke, tree to blow smoke rings

VERB + RING form, stand in The children formed a ring around their teacher.

PREP. in a/the ~ The children sat on the floor in a ring.

3 where a performance, match, etc. takes place

ADJ. boxing, bull, circus, show, wrestling

PREP. in/into the ~ He was back in the ring (= the boxing ring) only a month after the injury.

PHRASES retire from the ring (= stop boxing)

4 people involved in sth secret/illegal

ADJ. drugs, smuggling, spy

VERB + RING be involved in | break up Customs officials have broken up a major drugs ring.

5 telephone call

VERB + RING give sb I'll give you a ring once I get home.