revolution noun

1 changing the political system

ADJ. successful | bloody, violent Thousands of people were killed in the bloody revolution that toppled the government. | bloodless, peaceful | popular | political | anti-communist, anti-democratic, etc. | communist, socialist, etc. | palace | bourgeois, proletarian | world Some Marxists still believe that socialism will one day triumph through world revolution.

VERB + REVOLUTION carry out, conduct, fight, foment, stage The activists were charged with fomenting revolution. | crush, put down | call for

REVOLUTION + VERB break out | spread | overthrow sth, topple sth the revolution which overthrew the old regime | fail the failed 1911 revolution

PREP. ~ against a revolution against communist rule

PHRASES the outbreak of the revolution, revolution from above/below (= fought by people already in power/by people without political power), the threat of revolution

2 complete change in methods, opinions, etc.

ADJ. quiet There has been a quiet revolution in the way writing is taught. | complete | virtual | minor | agrarian, agricultural, computer, cultural, economic, electronic, environmental, industrial, political, scientific, sexual, social, technological

VERB + REVOLUTION achieve, bring (about) The coming of television brought about a revolution in people's leisure activities. | undergo Marketing has undergone a revolution in recent years. | embrace, welcome Doctors have welcomed the fitness revolution.

REVOLUTION + VERB take place As the eighteenth century wore on, an agricultural revolution took place. | transform sth The computer revolution has transformed the workplace.

PREP. ~ in He achieved a virtual revolution in the way music is recorded.

3 movement around sth; one complete turn

ADJ. complete, full One full revolution of the knob will open the hatch.


PREP. through a ~ The earth turns through one complete revolution approximately every twenty-four hours. | ~ about/around/round How long does it take for the planet Jupiter to make a complete revolution around the sun?

PHRASES revolutions a/per minute > See REV