revolt noun

ADJ. great The Great Revolt of 1381 may have been caused by attempts to keep wages down. | full-scale, general, large-scale, mass, popular, serious, widespread There was a general revolt against the leadership at the party congress. | open Parliament came out in open revolt against the president. | armed | peasant/peasant's, shareholder's, student, etc.

VERB + REVOLT cause, prompt, provoke, stir up | lead a student-led revolt | stage | control, crush, deal with, put down, quash, suppress The revolt was suppressed with total ruthlessness.

REVOLT + VERB break out Revolt broke out when the government decided to raise the price of bread. | spread | overthrow sb/sth The regime was overthrown by a popular revolt.

PREP. in ~ The farmers rose in revolt. | ~ against the revolt against the poll tax in Britain | ~ by a revolt by backbenchers | ~ over the farmers' revolt over imported meat | ~ within revolt within the party