revision noun

1 making changes

ADJ. complete, considerable, drastic, extensive, fundamental, major, radical, substantial, thorough | minor | constant, frequent | downward, upward an upward revision of government expenditure plans | policy, treaty

VERB + REVISION propose, recommend, suggest | call for, demand They called for revisions to the treaty. | be open to, be subject to Our conclusions are always open to revision in the light of fresh evidence. | undergo The scheme has recently undergone drastic revision. | agree (to), announce, approve In October Parliament approved a revision of the budget. | bring about, lead to, result in | carry out, complete, conduct, make, undertake

PREP. ~ in This has brought about a radical revision in the style of school management. | ~ to revisions to the plan

PHRASES the process of revision The process of revision continued at rehearsals.

2 studying

VERB + REVISION do I've got to do some maths revision tonight.

REVISION + NOUN class, course, lesson | question

PREP. ~ for revision for tomorrow's history exam