review noun

1 considering sth again

ADJ. complete, comprehensive, extensive, full, full-scale, fundamental, in-depth, major, overall, systematic, thorough, wide-ranging | brief, rapid, short | urgent | annual, periodic, regular the government's annual policy review | constant, continuous | critical The first chapter presents a critical review of the existing nursery education system. | government, independent, internal, judicial | financial, pay, performance, policy, rent

VERB + REVIEW ask for, call for, campaign for, press for, seek Greenpeace will seek a judicial review if a full public enquiry is not held. | announce, order | carry out, conduct, do, hold, undertake | present

REVIEW + VERB take place | cover sth, deal with sth | conclude sth, indicate sth, propose sth, recommend sth, suggest sth

REVIEW + NOUN body, committee, group

PREP. due for ~ The rent is due for review. | under ~ The matter is still under review. | ~ by a review by the court

2 report on a film, restaurant, etc.

ADJ. enthusiastic, favourable, glowing, good, rave | bad, hostile, poor, scathing The show has good audience figures despite poor reviews in the press. | critical | mixed The book received mixed reviews. | book, film

VERB + REVIEW do, write I'm doing a review for the local paper. | give sth | get, have, receive, win | open to Their new musical opened to glowing reviews. | read, see Did you see the review in ‘The Times’?

REVIEW + VERB appear His review appeared in yesterday's paper.