revenue noun

ADJ. annual, yearly | expected, potential the firm's expected annual revenue | overall, total, worldwide | additional, extra | considerable, substantial | lost Tax fraud costs the country millions in lost revenue. | government, public, tax the main sources of public revenue | advertising, export, oil, sales, tourism, tourist, etc.

VERB + REVENUE depend on, need, rely on These television companies rely on advertising revenue for their funds. | earn, get, raise | collect The central government collects the tax revenue on behalf of local authorities. | spend, use | bring in, generate, produce, yield The project will not generate any revenue until 2010. | increase | reduce | lose

REVENUE + VERB be derived from sth, come from sth Their government's revenues come mainly from direct taxes. | go up, grow, rise | drop, fall, go down

PREP. in ~ a drop in revenue | ~ from revenues from the sale of oil

PHRASES loss of revenue, a source of revenue Tourism is the island's main source of revenue. > Special page at BUSINESS