retreat noun

1 retreating/leaving

ADJ. hasty, headlong, rapid I decided to beat a hasty retreat. | humiliating, ignominious, undignified | dignified, orderly, strategic, tactful, tactical I made a tactful retreat before they started arguing.

VERB + RETREAT beat, make | lead | order, sound | force/send/throw sb into Eventually the police forced the crowd into retreat. | block, cut off | cover We covered his retreat with bursts of gunfire.

PREP. in ~ The enemy was now in retreat. | on the ~ fresh evidence that trade unionism is on the retreat | ~ from He took part in the retreat from Paris. | ~ into her retreat into a fantasy world of her own | ~ to an ignominious retreat to the River Vistula

PHRASES be in full retreat On the eastern front the army was in full retreat. | a line of retreat We succeeded in cutting off the enemy's line of retreat.

2 quiet and private place

ADJ. favourite, perfect the perfect retreat for a romantic honeymoon | private, secret | peaceful | country, rural designed as a gentleman's country retreat | summer, winter | holiday, weekend

VERB + RETREAT turn sth into, use sth as She plans to use it as a winter retreat. | go into He went into retreat at his country home to escape the attention of the media.

PREP. ~ for a summer retreat for the rich | ~ from staying here at his secret retreat from life in the busy city

3 private time at a quiet place

ADJ. religious, spiritual

VERB + RETREAT go on She goes on a spiritual retreat for two weeks every summer.