restriction noun

ADJ. severe, tight, tough | major | petty The removal of petty restrictions has made life easier. | absolute | further | artificial free movement of goods between member countries without any artificial restrictions | proposed | contractual, government, legal, statutory | advertising, age, credit, financial, import, parking, price, reporting (= restrictions on information that newspapers may report), speed, time, trade, travel, visa

VERB + RESTRICTION impose, introduce, place The government has introduced tough new import restrictions. | lift, remove The press asked for restrictions on reporting the war to be lifted. | accept | be subject to The right of sale is subject to certain restrictions.

RESTRICTION + VERB affect sth, apply The 30 mph speed restriction applies in all built-up areas.


PREP. without ~ Citizens of the EU can travel without restriction within the EU. | ~ on/upon The regulations were seen as a restriction on personal freedom.