restore verb

1 bring back a situation/feeling

ADV. quickly, soon Order was quickly restored. | formally Diplomatic relations were formally restored.

VERB + RESTORE need to We need to restore public confidence in the industry. | attempt to, try to | help (to) | be designed to, be intended to

PREP. to Peace has now been restored to the area.

PHRASES an attempt/effort to restore sth an attempt to restore the company's finances | be aimed at restoring sth, measures to restore sth, a way of restoring sth

2 repair/rebuild sth

ADV. extensively The interior has recently been extensively restored. | completely, fully | partially, partly | beautifully, handsomely, sympathetically, tastefully | carefully, faithfully, lovingly, painstakingly

PREP. to The train has been restored to full working order.

PHRASES newly/recently restored, restore sth to its former glory The buildings have now been restored to their former glory.