response noun

ADJ. encouraging, enthusiastic, favourable, good, positive | lukewarm, muted | angry, discouraging, negative | appropriate, correct | inappropriate, incorrect incorrect responses in a multiple choice test | strong These images are likely to evoke a strong response in the viewer. | direct | quick, rapid | slow | automatic, immediate | initial My initial response was one of anger. | public | natural | behavioural, emotional, physiological, political | verbal, written | immune the immune response to viral infections

VERB + RESPONSE give, make | get, have, receive Have you had any responses to the advertisement yet? | bring/call forth, draw, elicit, evoke, produce, provoke His comments drew an angry response from the crowd.

RESPONSE + NOUN rate, time We sent out over 100 letters but the response rate was low (= few people replied).

PREP. in ~ (to) In response, she stormed out of the room. | ~ from The response from local businesses has been muted. | ~ to What was their response to the question?

PHRASES (a) lack of response Due to lack of response the event has been cancelled.