respond verb

1 react

ADV. immediately, instantly | promptly, quickly, rapidly, swiftly | enthusiastically, favourably, positively, well Both sides have responded positively to the plan. Their son is responding well to the treatment. | forcefully, vigorously | adequately, appropriately, constructively, effectively, intelligently | adversely, aggressively, angrily | cautiously, coolly | sensitively, sympathetically | generously | magnificently The teams responded magnificently to the challenge. | accordingly The government needs to listen to the public and respond accordingly. | readily The plants readily respond to these stimuli. | directly | automatically, instinctively | flexibly | differently | merely, simply We do not have a strategy. We merely respond to ideas from local people. | emotionally, imaginatively to respond emotionally to the landscape | in kind The terrorists declared all-out war on the government and the government responded in kind.

VERB + RESPOND be able/unable to | be likely to She wasn't sure how he was likely to respond. | fail to His condition failed to respond to the treatment. | be slow to | enable sb to enabling teachers to respond flexibly to the needs of their students

PREP. by The government responded by tightening the law on gun ownership. | to Companies have to respond to the changing economic climate. | with The demonstrators threw stones and the police responded with tear gas.

PHRASES an ability/a capacity/a willingness to respond, a failure to respond

2 say sth in reply

ADV. politely | angrily | coolly | drily

PREP. to He responded politely to her questions. | with He responded with a smile when she spoke.