respect noun

1 admiration

ADJ. considerable, deep, great | grudging | mutual a relationship based on mutual respect

VERB + RESPECT feel, have, hold sb in She held him in considerable respect. | command, earn (sb), gain (sb), get, inspire, win (sb) a society in which age commands great respect | lose

PREP. ~ for He felt a grudging respect for her talents as an organizer.

2 polite behaviour/consideration/care

ADJ. great, utmost | due, proper the respect due to his great age

VERB + RESPECT accord sb/sth, pay (sb/sth), show (sb/sth), treat sb/sth with the respect accorded to her memory He treats his grandparents with great respect.

PREP. out of ~ We observed a minute's silence out of respect for the disaster victims. | with ~ With all due respect, I think you've misunderstood what he said. The chainsaw is a dangerous tool?it should be used with respect.

PHRASES a lack of respect to show a lack of respect for authority | a mark/sign/token of respect

3 detail/point

ADJ. certain | different | crucial, important, significant | material

VERB + RESPECT differ in There was one respect, however, in which they differed. | be alike in, be identical in, be similar in, resemble sth in

PREP. in … ~ (s) The report is accurate in all material respects. | in ~ of (= concerning) A writ was served on the firm in respect of their unpaid bill. | with ~ to (= concerning) The two groups were similar with respect to income and status.

PHRASES in all/many/some respects In many respects she is like her mother. | in every/this respect The marriage was a disaster in every respect.